After moving to Seattle in 2005, I found myself with a new relationship, a new job, a new city to explore, and finally, after 5 years of college, time to start cooking more than ramen and instant coffee.  I started reading cooking blogs and other recipe sites, trying (and modifying) new recipes, and sharing the results with friends and family.  I began posting Facebook status updates of what was happening in my kitchen and sharing links to recipes I was trying, along with descriptions of any modifications made.  The amount of feedback was surprising, and several friends encouraged me to start a blog of my own.  Two years later and thanks to a very persistent friend, here I am.

I learned my love of cooking and my fear of cracking eggs in my grandmother's kitchen.  I also learned a lot, including my love of shiny new kitchen gadgets, at my mother's hand.  While I am drawn to exploring new recipes and new techniques, I am grounded by the foods that have always nourished me and my family, the dishes I grew up with.  I hope this comes through in my cooking.